Pruning calendar
Early spring is usually the period in which we do a lot of pruning. There is also plenty to do in the garden in the summer, but most of them stop pruning in the winter. We are mainly concerned with protecting or bringing in frost-sensitive plants and feeding the birds. But don’t store those pruning shears in a corner of the shed just yet, because they will also come in handy in the winter. This pruning calendar shows that you can prune trees very well in the winter.

Prune trees in winter
An example is pollarding willows. Because the trees are bare, you can see the shape better. This makes it easier to determine which branches to prune. Moreover, winter is the best time to rejuvenate trees so that they can grow and bloom again in the spring. Read all about pruning trees in this article.

Do not prune with frost
But beware: it is better not to prune when it freezes. The frost can damage the pruning wounds. If you want to prune in the winter, first take a good look at the weather. Is frost expected within three days? Then postpone pruning.

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